Value Management of Construction Projects

Value Management is a method of improving the outcome of projects by taking pro-active steps during the early stages of planning to ensure that opportunities and threats are identified and considered as planning continues.

VM Workshops are run by trained Facilitators and attended by the key project participants (including Client, Contractor and Design Consultants). A Specialist Facilitator will use a structured approach to harness the “Strength of the Group” in determining required actions. Ken Brownjohn is a highly experienced and well regarded VM workshop facilitator having conducted over 50 productive workshops. Please contact Ken directly to discuss how a VM workshop can improve your project.

Objectives of Value Management

  • Identify the Project Objectives
  • Reduce the cost of a project by 10% or more
  • Reduce Construction Time
  • Increase the Ultimate Value of a project through floor area efficiencies, the quality of revenue streams and speedy completion
  • Increase the Level of Site Safety
  • Publish an Action Plan to ensure that all identified issues are implemented