About Us

Exceeding Client Expectations

Brownjohn Development Consultants is a leading boutique company based in Brisbane, Queensland, offering to its clients over 45 years experience in cost management and advisory in the building and construction industry.  It has had the privilege of working on some of the most amazing and diverse projects around Australia and Hong Kong.

We provide extensive knowledge and expertise across a broad spectrum of small and large development projects.

No matter what size the project, our aim is to utilise our extensive industry knowledge and years of experience to provide proactive, comprehensive and reliable advice to developers, builders, and financiers that will optimise project potential for all.

Key to our business success is establishing good long-term client relationships while maintaining up to date knowledge and awareness of industry standards and regulations across project design, resources, construction and cost. The understanding of these key elements enables us to deliver better project outcomes.

Optimising Project Potential is always front of mind


We have had the pleasure and opportunity to work with clients across some of the most interesting, diverse and at times challenging projects including Commercial Towers, Bridges, Hotels & Resorts, Residential, Civil works and Retail Shopping Centres.

Work Quality / Attention to Detail

Less is More! Our intention is always to limit the number of projects we take on to ensure every project has that more focused and personalised attention to detail that you would expect from a boutique company.


Identifying and targeting our client’s goals and needs shapes all that we do.

Good People / Team

Our team comprises skilled, honest and approachable people who are passionate about what they do and deliver.  Our Permanent Staff and Subcontractors work as a cohesive team to get the job done, on time, within budget, to high quality standards, always.


We offer a comprehensive range of cost management and advisory services that enable us to effectively cover all project requirements and disciplines depending on the expertise required.

  • Contract Superintendence
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Value Management
  • Dispute resolution

Mission Statement

A firm commitment to maximising project potential for all our clients by providing high quality, professional and reliable advice.